Anika Nilles (Germany)

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Anika is a German female Drummer, Songwriter and Producer. She wrote, recorded and released her first EP called „Alter Ego“ in 2014.


The most important thing in her tracks that stylistically belong in the pop/rock/fusion genre, is 'the groove!' Anika doesn't use her drums only for rhythm, but much more as an independent instrument. Hereby she manages to avoid unnecessarily putting the focus on herself and leaves room for extravagance. Her fine technique, the distinctiveness of her sound, and her strong groove characterize her songs and her way of playing.


She recently built her own band called „Nevell“ with which she will perform her songs live on stage.

Her recent activities include i.a. working as an author for some professional drum journals in the UK and Germany and producing her debut album, which will be released approximately in Fall 2015. 


Drum Festival Switzerland

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Seidenplatz 1

8304 Wallisellen


Mobile: +41 79 799 15 41

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